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Full Continuing Airworthiness Management



Recording and planning all operations and maintenance events

Allows our customers to ensure that their aircraft are managed in the best possible manner


Highest of standards and in compliance with the requirements of EASA Part M Sub Part G.

IAS CAMO is an Part CAMO approved CAMO organisation. Our team of experts and highly experienced CAMO personnel are available to provide CAMO support for aircraft being imported onto EASA, 2-REG or Bermudan registrations.

In short IAS Ltd. can take care of all of the Airworthiness Management requirements to allow our customers to rest assured that record keeping and maintenance planning are maintained to the highest of standards and in compliance with the requirements of Part CAMO.

Our Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation (CAMO)

  • The Total Aircraft Technical Administration
  • Aircraft Technical Records Management.
  • Review and Monitoring Of Airworthiness Directive Compliance.
  • Review and Monitoring Of Service Bulletin Compliance.
  • Damage Assessment And Preparing and Monitoring Damage and Repair Reports.
  • Hard Time Component Replacements monitoring.
  • Serialised Component Replacements monitoring.
  • Approved Aircraft Maintenance Program Development and Administration.
  • Maintain Aircraft Reliability Reports.
  • Line And Base Maintenance Work Packs And Task Cards preparations In Accordance With The Approved Maintenance Program.
  • Aircraft Technical Records Management.
  • Scanning Of Technical Records.

Continuing Airworthiness Management of Aircraft In Storage

  • It is a requirement of EASA that the Continuing Airworthiness Management of the Aircraft be maintained by an appropriately EASA approved third party such as IAS throughout the Lease Transition period including any period of Storage.
  • As required by Part CAMO, IAS will monitor and manage the Aircraft’s Continuing Airworthiness Management requirements throughout the storage period, including the forecasting and planning of the Approved Maintenance Program requirements together with the production and supply of required work packs and the subsequent updating of the aircraft records, monitoring and evaluation of the issued Airworthiness Directives (AD’s) with the proper planning of AD compliance action, as well as tracking of component replacements resulting from robberies and maintenance.

Airworthiness Review Certificates (ARC)

IAS Ltd provides ARC Recommendations to many our CAMO Clients as Lessors and Airlines. We’re providing EASA Compliance letter confirming that the aircraft meets CAT.IDE and EASA requirements as well when the ARC Recommendation to specific CAA is not require.


IAS Ltd has been providing ARC Recommendations to many aviation authorities as Bulgarian DG CAA, Irish IAA, LBA, Austrian Austro Control, Portuguese ANAC, UK CAA, Spanish AESA, Greek HCAA, Polish and Lithuanian CAA.

Airworthiness review staff (ARS) – IAS Ltd has 7 Airworthiness Inspectors currently in order meet all requirements

We offer this service as part of our commitment to offer a comprehensive Airworthiness Management service to our customers and to keep pace with the changing regulatory environment


Our Part CAMO or ARC approval allows us to deliver Airworthiness review services broadly consisting of the following:

  • ARC Recommendation for ARC Initial Issue.
  • ARC Renewal.
  • ARC Letter for EASA Compliance.
  • ARC Letter for EASA Compliance цоверинг CS25 and CAT.IDE check lists

EASA M.A.901 Aircraft Airworthiness Review Requirements

M.A.901 To ensure the validity of the aircraft airworthiness certificate an airworthiness review of the aircraft and its continuing airworthiness records shall be carried out periodically.

M.A.901(a) An airworthiness review certificate is issued in accordance with Appendix III (EASA Form 15a and 15b) on completion of a satisfactory airworthiness review.

M.A.901(b) An aircraft in a controlled environment is an aircraft

  • continuously managed during the previous 12 months by a unique continuing airworthiness management organization approved in accordance with Section A, Subpart G, of this Annex (Part M), and
  • which has been maintained for the previous 12 months by maintenance organizations approved in accordance with Section A, Subpart F of this Annex (Part M), or with Annex II (Part 145). This includes maintenance tasks referred to in point M.A.803(b) carried out and released to service in accordance with point M.A.801(b)2 or point M.A.801(b)3;


Each aircraft which has been operated by an organization outside of the EASA environment could operate within EASA environment after completed Airworthiness Review without any findings followed by ARC Recommendation. Once the ARC is obtained an Part CAMO Approved Continuing Airworthiness Management organization such as IAS Ltd should manage the aircraft airworthiness.


Other Services


IAS Consulting

Other than Continuous Airworthiness Management support we can also offer you a wide range of aviation consulting services.

Flight Data Monitoring

Our flight data monitoring service handles time consuming tasks allowing you to focus on investigating hazards and increasing flight safety in compliance with EASA regulations.

One-stop shop

IAS Ltd has teamed up with GP Aviation to provide an all-inclusive solution – CAMO, full flight management and support capability for their customers.

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