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IAS Ltd. became partner with a company called Aerosight.

Aerosight is a flight data monitoring service, which handles time consuming and error prone tasks and allows you to focus on investigating hazards and increase flight safety in compliance with EASA regulations.

The Operator receives accurate statistics and safety trends with presentation-ready reports, by just uploading FDR/QAR data file, reviewing the flight readouts and detected exceedance events.

Based on the latest web technologies, the service provides an intuitive and responsive web interface, which helps the authorized users to do their work from tablet in a hotel room, as efficiently as they would on a PC at the office.

Aerosight is compliant with the highest security standards and provides reliable and secure, storage and retrieval for all FDM related data using the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

Why to choose Aerosight Flight Data Monitoring?


Aerosight FDM is an effective and highly customizable solution which can analyze 100% of your flight data with minimal user interaction in an easy to use and efficient way.

The platform handles time consuming and error prone tasks and allows you to focus on investigating hazards and increase flight safety in compliance with authority regulations and following the latest guidelines.

  • Fast and automatic readout and exceedance detection process
  • Detailed and interactive flight readout visualizations, traces and reports
  • Accurate statistics and safety trends with periodical safety reports
  • Intuitive web interface, secure user access and reliable data storage

How Aerosight Works


When it comes to flight safety, there’s nothing more valuable than quick representation of every moment during a flight, accurate statistics and actionable trending data.

Aerosight FDM, provides aircraft operators with valuable safety insight that delivers detailed reporting, statistics and data representation directly to your safety department, within minutes of upload.

Digital flight data downloaded from the aircraft is analyzed to determine if deviations from structural aircraft limits or Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) have occurred. The events that are monitored constitute a dynamic set that is continuously evolving in order to best adapt to the company procedures in place and to help in the identification and measurement of safety risks.

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IAS Ltd. is the first Bulgarian independent Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization approved under the requirements of EASA Part M Sub Part I and G.

IAS Consulting

Other than Continuous Airworthiness Management support we can also offer you a wide range of aviation consulting services.

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IAS Ltd has teamed up with GP Aviation to provide an all-inclusive solution – CAMO, full flight management and support capability for their customers.

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